About Us

Who We Are?

Supanova Energy Services Limited (SESL) from our humble beginning of providing pipeline and facility integrity management and ancillary services. We have metamorphosed into an Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance Company (EPCCM) strategically positioned to deliver world-class services to our client in Oil, Gas and Energy industries. 


We are set up to provide a focused approach to the industry’s needs by providing innovative solutions for our project; from conception to commissioning and throughout the lifetime of the plant, leveraging our global network and working alongside industry experts across disciplines and market to deliver our services in an economically way for value addition to big and small cooperation. 


Supanova Energy Services Limited (SESL) has an established Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management system developed in line with international Safety Standards and Codes.

Our core Services: –

  1. Engineering Design
  2. Procurement
  3. Construction and Installation
  4. Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Services
  5. Maintenance
  6. Pipeline and Process integrity Management
  7. Electrical and Instrumentation
  8. Project Management

Health, Safety and Environment Management System Overview

Supanova Energy Services Limited (SESL) has an established Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management system developed in line with international Safety Standards and Codes. Our HSE manual, which carries the requisite policy statements, is the basic guide for all HSE inputs into all our operations. It covers all the critical aspects of our operations and flexible enough to also meets the requirements of Client’s HSE policy. The MD/C.E.O. has the overall responsibility for HSE matters within the Group. The Group annually set realistic and achievable HSE targets with quantifiable HSE performance indicators. This is evaluated and analyse yearly with our HSE statistics and records which are reported on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. HSE Audit and Behavioural Based Safety programs are already in place to manage our HSE both proactively and reactively.

At SESL, HSE is given special attention and high premium thus all our HSE personnel enjoy organization freedom to fully carry out his duty without fear of intimidation. Safety, health of personnel, care of the environment and loss prevention are always integral part of our business. These considerations will be reflected in every aspect of services from inception to completion.

During the project execution and service delivery phases, the team leaders will provide safety advice within their respective project/service. Doing this will ensure a consistent approach to safety and the environment. They will review all documents to ensure compliance with the contractual HSE specifications and requirements and safety provisions will be optimized at all time. Safety legislation and Client requirements will be incorporated into all HSE design and implementation.

All personnel shall be properly inducted and trained so as to be acquainted with the Supanova SESL, Client and all HSE statutory/regulations require while performing their duties. Periodic audit and personnel observations shall serve as a feedback to consistently assess HSE performance. All identified deficiencies or inadequacies shall be promptly and proactively addressed. SESL has a policy of reinforcing workers HSE participation. HSE award/incentives program has been put in place to compensate worker who has participated satisfactory in HSE issues for the month.

Our Strength

Our strength is in our ability to deliver consistent quality services to our client through application of latest technology, equipment and well-trained personnel.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be adaptable to Our Customer at every stage they are in their growth path.

Our Core Values

  • Professional Service
  • Consistent performance
  • Innovation

Quality Management System


Supanova Energy Services Limited (SESL) is committed to service delivery in conformance with contractual requirements, Client’s specifications, and the principle of ISO 9001 Standard. SESL is committed to the execution of all our projects to the satisfaction of the Client. SESL has implemented quality processes and activities that assures the Client receives our products and services in accordance with Client’s specific requirements and commonly acceptable standards and principles, including the ISO 9001 Standards.

In implementing this policy, SESL will:

  • Always communicate quality system requirements to all employees, vendors, and subcontractors
  • Allocate the necessary and required resources – competent and qualified workforce with competency assurance processes with sound and functional equipment
  • Define responsibility and authority level for all key personnel
  • Prepare all necessary procedures, method statements and work instructions to carry out the work in a proper manner and in adherence with contract requirements
  • Setup system for identify and manage non-conforming products and services
  • Assign experienced personnel for checking, verification, and audit work processes that affect the quality of our products and services.
  • Perform management review periodically for continuous improvement

The Policy is the key working documents that links all quality issues guiding our products and services delivery from Engineering design, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning to start-up assistance.

The Policy is issued with SESL Management authority and approval. Therefore, all personnel assigned for products and services delivery are responsible for compliance with its provisions.

The responsibility for monitoring compliance of this plan, rests with the SESL Quality Manager.

This Policy is subjected to yearly review during Management review meetings. Improvement recommendations from Management Reviews shall be implemented by SESL throughout our organization for continuous improvement.


Supanova Energy Services Limited quality management system has been approved by NIS ISO 9001:2015, which covers a range of our services Engineering Design, Procurement, Construction and Installation, Pipeline & Process Integrity Assessment, Marine Services, Maintenance Services, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning Services, Electrical and Instrumentation, Project Management.


ISO BV logo 9K-2015K UKAS


Quality and continuous improvement are Supanova Energy Services Limited’s priorities. We’re committed to providing safe and efficient products and services that are developed, manufactured, and distributed in full compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and the Group’s core values.

Our dedication to precision and quality means that you can depend on the us for your EPCIC services and supplies around the world, trusting they will meet your exact specifications, standards, and cost requirements.


Our products and services delivery activities has been broken down and approached systematically in accordance with ISO 9001 Processes approach requirements. This is described properly in our Quality management system manual and procedures by detailing the duties, authorities, responsibilities, resources, input, and output data for each process.

The following figure shows the main processes involved in the project.

Supanova Energy Services Limited (SESL) has implemented a Quality Management System that is in conformance with ISO 9001:2015. While we are working towards certifying out QMS, the system has been audited and approved by external quality bodies and adjudged to be satisfactory. Our plan is to have ISO certification by first quarter of 2021.

SESL Quality Management System Documentation structure can be described as shown in the figure below.

Quality Documentation Structure

  • SESL Quality Objectives and Quality Manual describes our quality organization and processes in conformance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • The Processes Map gives a schematic of SESL processes and their interaction. This document consists a flow-charts and responsibility matrixes which cover all the SESL processes.
  • The management procedures describe in detail methods and responsibilities related to the various activities affecting quality.
  • Project Quality Plan are developed and issued specifically for each project product and services delivery and it represents the main document to referred to as a guide for correct implementation of the Quality Management System and for assuring compliance with the contractual requirements.
  • The Inspection & Testing Plans are the reference documents to plan, perform and document the inspections and the tests and to provide evidence to the Client and/or Inspection Authority of the proper execution of the products and services inspection and tests in according to the contract or applicable codes.
  • The Quality Records are produced during the whole execution of projects and have the purpose to give objective evidence of the conformity of the works according to the contract and to the applicable codes.

Technology Partners

Our Partners are leading OEMs in the oil and gas industries